YIU TSAY was founded in 1976, first factory producing hand-made models supporting computer brands like Acer and Quanta in their product R&D. In the 70’s, YIU TSAY invested in mold development and plastic injection molding, hence started OEM production of computer housings and parts. In the 90’s with the industries migrating abroad, the reduction in orders prompted YIU TSAY to transform from OEM to brand developing in series of gardening related products, such as, automatic irrigation system, urban agricultural planter boxes and spray system.

Pastoral Life

To return to your natural As a busy, modern people, have you ever think about going back to countryside and live a life in a healthy way? No need to go round the sun to meet the moon, according to YIU TSAY planter boxes, you can enjoy your own garden just around you.

Heavy sweating, stress reducing Organic farm and natural agriculture let us learn to respect life and to live in peace, from a very small seed to understand the simple and nature. When you sweating for your own garden and share the experience with your family, you know the meaning of health and happiness life.

Award and Glory

2015 15 patents on Aquaponics and related inventions
2006 Gold Medal of National Invention Award
2005 Silver Award of the Grand Prix International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
2003 Automatic Irrigation System awarded with“Gold Brain Award”in the National Invention Exhibition
1998 Silver Award of iENA Best Invention Prizes
1998 Received“SME Innovation Research Award”from Ministry of Economic Affairs
1997 Rotary sprinkler awarded with“Gold Brain Award”in the National Invention Exhibition